Fly high and win big!
You’re at the helm You decide when to cash out your winnings
Social game Watch what others win, become part of the community and receive bonuses
Provably Fair Transparent and fair play on cryptographic technology
Make a bet or even two at once and wait until the round begins.
Look after the lucky plane. Your win is bet multiplied by a coefficient of lucky plane.
Cashout before plane flies away and money is yours!

Aviator Game - A New Generation Gaming Experience in Malaysia

Aviator is a social multiplayer game that involves an ever-increasing multiplier that can suddenly crash. At the start of each round, a scale showing the multiplier starts to grow. Players need to make their decision for cash out before the "lucky plane" flies away.

This type of game originated in the video gaming industry, but has grown in popularity in cryptocurrency casinos due to its straightforward gameplay and thrilling gambling experience. Aviator is a pioneer in bringing this format to traditional online casinos.

In Aviator, players can test their luck and strategic thinking as they decide when to cash out in order to maximise their winnings. The element of risk adds to the excitement of the game, making it a unique and enjoyable experience for players. If you're looking for a new twist on traditional casino games, give Aviator a try.

Why Aviator Game ?

Malaysia's online casino games are limited. They usually consist of a live casino, slot, and sportsbook. In recent years, the cryptocurrency investment market has experienced rapid growth, and many people have started to get involved. As a result, we have launched a new game that resembles cryptocurrency futures. Players can simply place their bets and cash out when the Airplane begins to fly, as the multiplier increases from 1x - 1,000,000x.

How to Play an Aviator Game ?

Aviator brings a fresh approach to gaming, yet it is straightforward and easy to understand. To play, you must place your bet during the 5-second preparation period, allowing you to make up to two bets at once. The game begins with an Airplane taking off and its altitude, along with the multiplying coefficient, increases until takeoff. If you collect your winnings before the plane takes off, you win the amount of your bet multiplied by the displayed coefficient. If not, you lose your bet. It's as easy as that!

You can also activate one or the other of the two automated options:

1. Automatically bet, which automatically restarts a bet of an amount equal to the previous one;

2. Cash your winnings automatically after defining the coefficient at which you withdraw from the game and win the bet.

This title also allows you to interact with other players via live chat, but also to view the bets they have placed and their winnings in real-time. In addition, you have access to the history of the last coefficients as well as that of your bets. Finally, free bets occasionally appear in the chat, ready to be claimed in order to be able to wager for free.

What should you know about Aviator?

This online casino game offers a unique way of determining the outcome of your bets. Instead of the typical slot machine symbols and paylines, it features an Airplane that takes off and reaches a randomly set height coefficient between 1 and 1 million. The higher the coefficient, the bigger your winnings can be!

The good news is that Aviator boasts an impressive RTP of 97%, higher than many popular online slots. Additionally, the game is built on Provably Fair technology, ensuring fair and tamper-proof results. You can verify this for yourself by checking the previous results at the top of the page.

Crypto Future Trading Vs Aviator Game

Overcoming greed and fear is equally crucial in both Aviator and cryptocurrency future trading. When trading in cryptocurrency futures, some players will cash out their initial investment and wait for the best time to cash out the rest. Similarly, in Aviator, some players will cash out their principal before the Airplane flies away, while others will hold onto their stack in search of a higher multiplier. The difference is that cryptocurrency futures trading requires waiting for the outcome over a period of minutes to days, while in Aviator, the result is determined within just a few seconds.

Strategies for Play Aviator Game :

  1. Stake high and cash out quickly, or to stake small and wait for a high multiplier before cashing out. Another option is to place two instant bets, cash out one quickly and hold onto the other for a higher multiplier.

  1. To maximise your winnings, take advantage of Aviator's double betting and automated betting options. Place one big and one small bet. When the big bet reaches a multiplier of 1.50x or higher, cash it out. Use the small bet to take chances and reap bigger rewards. Utilise the Auto Bet feature, which sets your wager to the same amount as your previous one, and the Auto Cash Out feature, which enables you to pick a preferred multiplier and automatically collects your winnings once it's reached.

  1. Minimise risk by utilising the auto cash-out option - Studies have revealed that the plane is likely to crash between 1.10x to 1.40x multipliers. To reduce volatility, use the auto cash-out function to promptly retrieve your winnings before the plane takes your bet.

  1. Maximise your chances of winning in Aviator by taking advantage of the live stats and live bet display features. These features provide you with up-to-date information, which you can use to make informed betting decisions. For example, if the live stats indicate that a pattern of wins occur at multipliers between 1.01x to 1.80x, consider setting your auto cash out at these values or betting on a slightly higher multiplier, such as 2x, to increase your payout potential.

  1. Maximise your chances of winning by monitoring Aviator's RTP and volatility. Aviator features a high 97% RTP and moderate volatility, making it a standout among online casino games. The key to success in Aviator is having the ability to make informed decisions on when to cash out, which can affect the game's volatility.

  1. Maximise your winnings in Aviator by using this strategy: Start by getting familiar with the game and figuring out if you can reach high multipliers without risking too much. Place a small bet and collect your winnings once you reach a multiplier of 5x or 7x. As the probability of hitting high multipliers increases, gradually increase your bet.

  1. Employ the reverse Martingale technique. To enhance your chances of success in Aviator, consider using the reverse Martingale approach which entails reducing your wager by 50% after a losing round and doubling it after each successful bet. This strategy allows you to take advantage of winning streaks while minimising losses during losing streaks.

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